Our sole objective is to provide an experience which is easy to understand, usable and solves their problem. Anktech’s designing and providing solutions are completely based on research that our clients demand for their customers. Though we keep the needs of the customer as our priority, we also consider the business models and approach of our clients. Whether it is an adoption of an app or engagement, our mobile and web solutions will always support your business goals.


Our Work


Product research development

Researching, analyzing to understand the problem statements given by the clients.


Analyzing and creating user personas to identify the personality of the users.


Based on personas, task flows are developed and later low key wire frames are designed.


Iteration on UI and creating the visuals of the app.


Final stage of usability testing and checking the standards based on heuristics.

  • Cyber Security: The most important credential check of a service provider is his cyber security essentials. As Anktech is CE certified, the vendor should look for similar kind of certificate proofs.
  • Application Security: The security of the project suggests the following actions that precedes on different stages of the life cycle: Source code analysis — at a project handover from previous developers; Application architecture review — at the beginning of custom web development; Attack vectors identification and Vulnerability scan — before the project release.
  • Customer Security: Most respondents use questionnaires to gauge security capabilities but criticize the approach. The vendor and service provider should go through a real-time deal called an NDA. Our managers make sure to sign NDAs before starting the project. Hence, assuring clients about their details being kept confidential which includes project code and documents.
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