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Alma Mater

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My Alma Mater is a new-age community engagement platform where you connect with your Alumni. It is a social platform with the freedom to filter out your feeds, unlike Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Whatsapp. Here you can have a community of infinite members and you can be a part of unlimited groups. The high point of this app is you can control your feeds. This app will let you see only relevant messages and filter them by yourself.

Find yourself growing your network and community. Seek help or support someone. All these and more with My Alma Mater.


"I am not active on Facebook or Instagram, I don't have interest, I am looking for something that allows me to see the relevant information and which I myself can choose to see." - user quotes. Digital platforms are filled with social apps, however, the respondents or users find it extremely annoying to see what they generally don't prefer to have in their feeds. The team at Anktech looked upon the solutions and made it a competent app where the user will have the freedom to browse through the feeds and can still grow their own network.


  • React JS
    React Native
  • Firebase
  • Figma
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