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The key to the success of any business lies in understanding the continuous changes in the market and responding to these changes by adopting a dynamic approach to business models. Designing and developing enterprise applications means satisfying hundreds or thousands of separate requirements, and we do that. We create complex, scalable, distributed, component-based, and mission-critical applications for big businesses as per their requirement. Providing user-friendly enterprise apps is our motive so that the end user can use big and complex systems in the easiest way available. We have developed and delivered enterprise applications to Banks, Mobile companies, UK police departments etc.


Hire us! With more than 12 years of experience, we built the right model to increase your development capacity without putting quality on the fence.

Brief & Plan

Our nearshore team will discuss your requirements in detail, ensuring the parameters are fully understood without any language barriers or time-zone difficulties. We, then, make a plan on enhancing desired technical skills for your team.

Team Allocation

After understanding the project scope in detail, a desired team will be allocated accordingly who will put you at ease at work and communication front.

Ability to make adjustments

Since the workload is not exactly outlined, requests and demands can be varied at any time.

Work Execution

We augment your team to deliver the agreed scope of work – with regular updates and reports to ensure that the project stays focused and on track.

Work Deliver

Our Done! Your project will be delivered on time with the best quality. Time to party and celebrate.

  • Cyber Security: The most important credential check of a service provider is his cyber security essentials. As Anktech is CE certified, the vendor should look for similar kind of certificate proofs.
  • Application Security: The security of the project suggests the following actions that precedes on different stages of the life cycle: Source code analysis — at a project handover from previous developers; Application architecture review — at the beginning of custom web development; Attack vectors identification and Vulnerability scan — before the project release.
  • Customer Security: Most respondents use questionnaires to gauge security capabilities but criticize the approach. The vendor and service provider should go through a real-time deal called an NDA. Our managers make sure to sign NDAs before starting the project. Hence, assuring clients about their details being kept confidential which includes project code and documents.
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