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Website designed to enable community action – the Community Toolkit. Community Toolkit is a free information resource for people who want to get involved in organizing smaller, straightforward community activities. The site offers tools, tips and information on some of the key areas of responsibility when setting up a community group or activity. Developed by Zurich, in association with specialists from legal, health and safety, risk management and volunteering backgrounds, Community Toolkit aims to make volunteering more simple by providing some information and guidance for individuals and small groups who want to do more in the places where they live, for their own benefit and for those around them.


Delivery of every project with immense competence AnkTech has a range of industry professionals, with a good knowledge of a variety of technological sectors. The strategy focuses on innovative market approaches that incorporate Technology creativity and growth, while also focusing on the organization's existing Technology infrastructure. To SMEs, start ups, fortune 100 businesses and government agencies, we have built and developed multi-purpose websites, desktop and online applications.


  • CakePHP
  • MySQL
  • JS
  • jQuery
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