Technology Used : .Net using a SQL database

The website aimed to increase site traffic and retain the existing users by providing them with highly interactive user experiences. UKSP is the ultimate resource for anyone interested in the dynamic hospitality, leisure, and travel and tourism industry. UKSP helps support and develop careers in the hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism industries. We actively promote the benefits of working in the industries, supplying reliable information and advice to career seekers, employers, training providers and advisors. Our website is more than just a vacancies board – it is a one-stop shop for career guidance, training information, networking and business development.

  • Development of the complete site will aim to meet W3C AA level compliance.
  • Google Analytics code on all the pages, in order for UKSP to keep an eye on the traffic of users coming to the pages.
  • UKSP to provide relevant email address for Google Analytics access.
  • Automated emails
  • All UKSP videos are hosted by You Tube
    UKSP website also has 4 / 5 content pages in welsh language