Delivery Monitor

Technology Used : ASP.NET 4.0 SQL Server 2008 MVC3 with Razor Engine C# 4.0

A web based solution where client can see various reports generated by Ad-Servers (Either Email or FTP) after authentication and authorization. It is a role based system where reports can only be seen on the basis of the role assigned to each user. Ad-Server is basically a system which stores, maintains and serves (uploads) advertising banners for one or more websites. Ad servers program, track, and report several statistics about website visitors which are used by advertisers to custom tailor ads and offers to different categories of visitors.

A user can see the status of export jobs, can download reports. It allows administrators to check problems with the ad-server endpoints, change the settings for them, change the cost sheet and manage the user and client view lists.

  • MVC3 with Razor engine for view presentation which is very flexible was used.
  • Accessing user’s Google mail account from the c# code for getting right mails and download attachments
  • JSON service used for authentication and authorization for granting access to users.