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This application is a part of Channel4; application has been housed in an IFrame and hosted from a Rack Space cloud server. The application allows people to choose 1 of 3 news stories to spoof 1 of their Facebook friends with. The Facebook Graph API was used for Facebook authentication and data retrieval (friend list and selected friend profile picture) for JavaScript and Flash. The Facebook login requests extended permissions to post to the users wall. Each news story have 2 or more variables the user can adjust, resulting in a different video file being loaded (there is a unique video file for each variable combination). All video files contain cue points that tells the flash when the profile image should appear and disappear. All variables and their video file paths are stored in a MySQL database. Once all variables are set and the user submits the form a final page is displayed where the user can share their news story with their friend(s). Each news story created have its own unique URL. User can share through Twitter, Facebook.

  • Facebook friend selector was not according to our need so custom friend selector developed using Graph API’s and JQuery.
  • The site is designed for screens with a resolution of 1024 * 768 pixels or higher.
  • Flash items (video/audio player) on the site with cue points
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