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A list of country appears to select from initial page. When user click on any country name which contain the video reflecting how competition took place. There are various link provided on the left side through which user can see the videos regarding winner, DJ, September, Team Out, and team of various countries. ‘View the winner’ link take user to a new page showing the video of the winner with the list of the name who participated in the event and got out. User can view the list of the participants according to the selected country also. User can share the video, Embed and follow the video. The competition was organized to promote Samsung phone where people have to dance according to the music played for nonstop 24 hours. There was only a small square for each user to dance with in. If anyone’s music get interrupted by a call or text, than they are out of the competition. The last person listening to music with SAMSUNG BEAT DJ music phone got $10,000 and dinner with Swedish singer Petra Linnea Paula Marklund who is better known as September.

  • Very rich html designs and high quality flash animation.
  • Live telecast of the event for 24 hours nonstop.
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