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British Military Fitness abbreviated as BMF, is an organization providing fitness classes in over fifty public parks across the United Kingdom. They have across 100 venues across the UK. User can get information about this organization by click on About BMF link. Sharing links such as facebook and twitter are present. User can visit to news updates or blog from the page. There is a search option through which user can search for nearest BMF location or can view all the locations. “Why BMF” tell the information about benefits to join BMF. ‘Events’ section tells about all the upcoming events which will be going to take place. This page has 3 more links namely, Corporate Events, Recommended Events, and Contact to Events Team. ‘Where we train’ section contains the list of all BMF locations. User can also find his nearest BMF location. User can see the details of a particular location by click on the location link. The further information includes Google Map, Address, Class schedule and other related information. ‘Our Pricing’ section includes information about payments. If user wants to Try BMF for Free which is the last option, then user have to fill the entire field asked to apply.

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